Apple App Store vs Google Play Store


Feb 6, 2018 by Perttu Talasniemi

Apple App Store vs Google Play Store Apple App Store vs Google Play Store

Which player provides the best app store experience? Let’s find out!


I admit… this comparison is dumb! 💁 Because we are forced to use the store that’s on our device. We cannot change that except by moving to another platform. But no one jumps from Apple to Google or vice versa based on the store experience. Or at least I’ve never heard anyone doing it.

I know for a fact that Play Store has more sh*tty apps in it because of Google’s more flexible control compared to Apple’s reich. But it’s good that the content is controlled. Some of the Android apps are in terrible shape. They have poor user experience and visual representation. On App store the situation seems to be slightly better.

Let's compare numbers, because that makes more sense. As we all can guess, due to Google’s more flexible control there’s way more apps in Play Store (almost 3 million) than in App Store (over 2 million). Apple announced in WWDC 2017 that the App Store has achieved 180 billion app downloads. Whereas Play Store had 82 billion downloads only in 2016. Despite of superior download amounts, the App store is way more profitable than Play Store. Here’s a quotation from Masters blog:

Google Play generated $3.3 billion in revenue in Q4 2016 while the App Store managed to generate $5.4 billion, which makes it the best marketplace to make money with apps.

Comment on Twitter if you have jumped between platforms purely because of that system’s store or content sucks. I’m honestly interested to hear.

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