Apple Music vs Google Play Music


Feb 4, 2018 by Perttu Talasniemi

Apple Music vs Google Play Music Apple Music vs Google Play Music

Does Apple or Google provide the best music service? Let’s find out!


I know this is a bad start for the article but I don’t really use those services. 🤷 Why? Because I use Spotify. I don’t have any need to own music anymore. I really like that I can listen pretty much anything on anywhere. It satisfies most of my music needs currently. Sure, there are lots of artists missing like the rock band Tool and rapper Jay-Z. But then again there isn’t a music service that would have all the artists.

All three services are about the same price. In these days you can even watch music videos on those apps… not sure is it a good thing but still. I personally like how effortless Spotify is to use and the fact that it works nicely on any platform and on any device. Also it’s interesting how Spotify is – more or less – continuation for Napster which pretty much revolutionized peer-to-peer sharing. Napster didn’t invent peer-to-peer networks but it introduced them into the mainstream.

All three services provide nearly same amount of songs. Apple Music says there’s around 30 million songs and Spotify tells they have over 30 million songs available. Play Music claims that they have the most songs – a whopping 40 million – in their catalogue. It doesn’t really matter is it 30 or 40 million songs, that should be enough.

Most likely there will be a part two of this topic. Because this ended up being more about Spotify than what the title actually promised. Comment on Twitter which music service you relay on and why.

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