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May 16, 2018 by Perttu Talasniemi

Best internet browser Best internet browser

What is the best internet browser? Is it Chrome, Firefox or Safari? Let’s find out!


Internet browsers are a touchy topic especially for front-end developers. Most of us – as a user or as a developer – still have bad memories relating to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6. Oh god, those were some bad times! 😩 Luckily, since then the browsers have evolved a lot. Based on StatCounter, Chrome is the clear leader in market shares whereas Safari is far behind on second place. Honestly, I thought that Firefox would have much higher user base. I personally rely on Firefox. I think it comes from the early days where Firefox development plugins where on a whole other level compared to other browsers. But these days pretty much all browsers provide quite nice standalone development tools.

I'll bet that many of you are asking “Why isn’t CSS3 standard yet?” CSS3 is described as the next generation of the CSS styling language – just like HTML5 is the next generation of HTML. CSS3 is build upon the foundation set by CSS2.1 which is still in active development and hasn’t been finalized yet. Stack Overflow user BoltLock explains the CSS3 scenario very well:

In fact, CSS3 will probably never reach a “final” state in the sense of the word, as new modules are being added all the time. This is because starting from level 3, CSS itself has been modularized, such that each module can be developed independently of the rest (although related modules may be developed in tandem). This allows not just for existing modules to be leveled independently, but new modules to be created at any time, either defining completely new sets of features, or extending from existing CSS2.1 features.

This explains the constant debate of which browser has the best rendering support for CSS3 and HTML5. HTML5 standard is ready but the parties are still debating on some next-generation features. Defining the HTML5 standard has been much easier because it’s based on XML standard which is much older and stable compared to much younger CSS standard. But if you take a look of the W3C CSS browser support reference table, all of the modern browsers are covering the features quite nicely.

Like I mentioned before, I’m a devoted Firefox user. The biggest flaw in Firefox (has been for years) is it’s memory consumption. It has improved a lot after the Quantum update but it can still bring my MAC on its knees, if I have too many tabs open for too many days. I’ve seen some articles and memes of Chrome’s excessive memory usage. So, I guess Chrome has some problems too. Mozilla claims that it’s twice as fast as Chrome, while using 30 percent less memory. By Googling you can find lots of articles about browser performance but it’s hard to say which one to believe. Some says that Chrome is superior, others that Safari is the fastest and some are almost cheering for Edge. But very few articles state that Firefox is the fastest. 😐

I must say that Chrome’s overall performance is notable. One of the best features in Chrome is the build in translator. That’s one of the main reasons why I personally often rely on Chrome. Still Firefox has its own appeal even that I’m not fully utilizing all of its features, like shared bookmarks. On mobile devices all three apps look and behave very similarly. Firefox has needed to move out from their comfort zone because of lack of support for their rendering engine on iOS. Firefox uses WebKit engine on iOS and Gecko on other platforms. Then again, Opera has done the same with their browser. Summa summarum: All modern browsers are good, others are just better. Use the one you like the most. 😉

Because of my traumatic experiences with Internet Explorer I’ve left the Microsoft Edge out from this article. I’ve heard some good things about it, at least it’s a huge improvement compared to Internet Explorer. Please share your experiences with Microsoft Edge browser. Make me change my mind about it.

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