Best presentation by Apple, Microsoft and Google


Feb 8, 2018 by Perttu Talasniemi

Best presentation by Apple, Microsoft and Google Best presentation by Apple, Microsoft and Google

Let's decide once and for all which CEO from Apple, Microsoft and Google has given the best presentation. Maybe there’s something we can all learn from them?


1st place

Number one presentator of all time is of course Steve Jobs from Apple. He made the best presentations, even when he was terminally ill. He was able to skew charts to look like Apple was doing better than Nokia and other players of that time. We should all learn from Jobs – the man who screwed his own friend – how to be a real leader and excellent spokesman.

2nd place

Number two presentator is another Steve – Ballmer. You can easily say that this man is a passionate presenter and spokesman. And on top of all that, Ballmer can handle moves on the dance floor. I only wish my managers would be as cool as Ballmer. Work would be so much nicer.

3rd place

Unfortunately, Google's CEO – Sundar Pichai – gets the 3rd place. Why? Because he doesn't do what other great leaders do: skew results and dance on the stage. Also his slides contains way too few words. Average PowerPoint slide contains 40 words. In 2017 Developers Conference, it took 12 slides to reach 40 words. Come on man, that's too much!


Lie, fool, skew and screw – do whatever it takes to win! Dance on the stage. That always wins the crowd over. Use lots of words… I mean a lot! You literally can't have too much words on a slide! Dance some more… or do magic tricks, those are cool!

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