Is it just me...


Feb 12, 2018 by Perttu Talasniemi

Is it just me... Is it just me...

... who thinks that the Google Icon “face” looks like... well you know who.


This is going to be a short and silly one, so try to bare with me. 😄 I like Google’s Material Icons and I pretty much use them daily. But lately the “face” icon has started to look like Hitler. Maybe it’s the emo like hair cut? For the younger readers who are unfamiliar who Hitler was, here’s a quick summary: Adolf Hitler was a bad man who was – more or less – responsible of the World War II. Hitler killed a lot of people and today his face represents pure evil. Even though Soviet leader Joseph Stalin killed way more people. Hitler also ruined the – quite awesome – toothbrush moustache look making it “not cool” for ever. Now that we know who Hitler was and what he did, it’s peculiar to make an icon to look – even remotely – like him.

What do you think, does the “face” icon look like Hitler? Or am I alone with this matter.

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