macOS Hail Sierra. Your Mac. Degraded.


Mar 2, 2018 by Perttu Talasniemi

macOS Hail Sierra. Your Mac. Degraded. macOS Hail Sierra. Your Mac. Degraded.

I need to open up of my experiences with the new and “elevated” Apple’s macOS High Sierra.


I want to share my experiences with macOS High Sierra. Only way to start this is by stating that it’s killing me! 😤 And I know I’m not the only one. There has been a lot of rant over the internet about the new and "elevated" High Sierra and its problems. Apple has had hard time after launching it because of number of issues and nasty bugs.

Let’s start with the fact that it’s making my – a bit older – MacBook very slow. Honestly, this was not a surprise. This tend to happen after every major macOS (previously OSX) update. But certain applications have become almost unusable because of the slowness. For example Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop open up forever. After they have finally opened, there’s like a 15 min period when the application is extremely sluggish. Dunno what’s going on behind the curtain but it’s causing headache to me. Also after the update I’ve been having serious Bluetooth connectivity problems. And none of the updates have yet fixed this issue.

At work I have almost brand new MacBook Pro. The company is using Microsoft Office suite. I know what you’re thinking and let me say that this is not up to me to decide. Anyway, it was nice to notice after the update that my Outlook was not working anymore. Not stressful at all. 😫 Well, after few days Microsoft released a fix for that. Good job so far.

All of the above are kind of expected behavior. But what really pushed me off the edge was when I noticed – on my older Mac – that it had reseted all of my localhost settings for Apache, PHP and ImageMagick. Surprisingly, MySQL worked normally after the update. I had this project running on my Mac and I was close to launch it. I admit that the timing for the update was terrible. After I got everything working smoothly again, there came a new update. I thought this would fix the Bluetooth issue. Instead only thing it seemed to do was to erase all of my MySQL databases. This was a textbook “WTF” moment. 😰 Can’t get more real than that. I literally was mouth open thinking:

Why Apple!? Why do you hate me!? What have I done to you!?

After writing this article and looking back how all went down, I won’t be “defending” Apple any more as I used to do against haters. Usually Apple devices and software have worked well – especially with each other – but after this fiasco… I’m started to have doubts about the quality. Seems like Apple has lowered their standards for quality and assurance. My personal plea to Apple is that, if it’s anyway possible, please don’t always reset the localhost settings and don’t erase the databases.

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