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Feb 5, 2018 by Perttu Talasniemi

Official Olympics app Official Olympics app

Now that PyeongChang 2018 Olympics are approaching, it’s good time to take a look of the Official Olympics app.



The Official Olympics app is available for Android and iOS platforms. But this article is not going to be a comparison between them. Reason is that the app sucks on both platforms. I was honestly excited to try the app but it was a major disappointment. My original idea was to write how awesome the app is and how it completes the Olympic experience. How wrong was I.

I wonder what their app budget was? Maybe their logo design budget ate all the money? I wonder how much that was? I think we all remember that the logo for London 2012 Summer Olympics cost was whopping $625 000. That’s a lot of money for a logo that you need just for couple of months. But in this case they apparently didn’t see much value with the app or at least having any effort put in it.

Why does it suck?

Anyone with any experience with apps can recognize how the app doesn’t follow common patterns or standards. I believe that the whole app is just an website loaded in a browser frame. And it keeps opening links with phones native browser (Chrome/Safari). And these links are blank – most of the time. Browser frame never provides a good user experience and tells that the guys developing the app are either very lazy or not professionals.

Luckily I’m not alone with this and other users have also noticed these issues. At the time of writing – the app has 3.1 rating on Play Store and 2.3 rating on App Store. Here’s some quotations from the stores:

All it does is open an ad bombardment in Safari. If I return to the app, it’s completely blank. –natordog, App Store
What a turd of a format for a sports app. Times, countries, names, and scores are all you need. –reid andis, Play Store

Comment on Twitter what’s your experience with this huge pile of 💩. Maybe the reason is lack of content because the Olympics haven’t started yet. Let’s hope that the app will get better with more content or it will get a major update when the Olympics start. But I doubt that.

Edited on Feb 11: Good news everybody, they have updated the apps! ✌️ And now – at least the iOS app – is starting to look and behave like an app. Also the ratings have gone up in App Store (4.6) and Play Store (3.1). It's not the immersive experience I was originally looking for but at least now you can use the app and it does what Olympics app is supposed to do: show schedules and scores, allow to follow countries and medal counts and provide places to watch the events. It would be even cooler if you could watch the events inside the app. Let's hope they'll add that feature too.

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Edited on Feb 11, 2018: Apps updated


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