Something about Ice Hockey


Feb 18, 2018 by Perttu Talasniemi

Something about Ice Hockey Something about Ice Hockey

Let’s talk about one of the least valued sports in the world – Ice Hockey.


I got inspired by the ongoing PyeongChang Winter Olympics ice hockey tournament, to write about ice hockey games available on App Store and Play Store. But after testing few games, I wasn’t interested of doing so. 😕 They just aren’t very good. So instead I’ll write about ice hockey in generally. 🏒 I know this is a bit off topic – non-tech related – but let’s see how this goes.

In ice hockey there are currently six countries dominating the sport: Canada, Czech, Finland, Russia, Sweden and USA. Back in the day Czechoslovakia and Soviet Union used to rule the game. Especially the Soviet Union. There are other good hockey countries too like Latvia, Slovakia and Switzerland and these days Denmark, Germany and Norway have really step up their game. The sport is getting slowly more popular in other – mainly European – countries, the matches are interesting to follow because anything can happen and anyone can win.

The biggest hockey leagues are the North-American NHL and the Russian KHL. There are also respected leagues in Czech, Finland, Slovakia and Sweden. The larger leagues scout talented players from the smaller leagues. Dream for every player is to get to play in NHL and win the Stanley Cup. Especially European players dream of winning the World Championship and Olympic gold. North-American players seem to value more World Cup. There are less than 30 players in the world who belong in the magical Triple Gold Club who have won Olympic games, World Championship and the Stanley Cup. All winners are from the same four countries: Canada, Czech, Russia and Sweden.

There are couple of interesting ice hockey documentaries – The Last Gladiators and Ice Guardians. I’ve watched them on Netflix. Both documentaries are about enforcers – which is mainly an NHL thing. In short: their job is to secure key players in any means necessary. Sometimes using brute force and even unsportsmanlike actions like excessively hard checking, tripping and fighting. There has been a lot of terrible injuries because of this kind of behavior. The game – in NHL – was a real wild west in the late 80’s and early 90’s. But the game has been cleaned a lot since then.

I remember one – quite funny – incident from the 1997 Ice Hockey World Championships where Canada and Czech teams started fighting so badly that they needed to cancel the rest of the game. Funny in a sense that these are grown ass men and they’re fighting like little boys. Yet I have to admit that these things are the things that make the sport interesting.

Let’s all gather around the TV to enjoy some world class ice hockey and cheer for our favorite team – Finland! 🇫🇮 😂 Hopefully you enjoyed a bit different kind of tech writing. Comment on Twitter what are your thoughts about ice hockey.

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