Valuation: Apple vs Google


Aug 9, 2018 by Perttu Talasniemi

Valuation: Apple vs Google Valuation: Apple vs Google

Apple hits historic $1 trillion market value while Google drags far behind. Let’s take a look of some numbers.


I bet everyone has already heard how Apple is the first publicly traded U.S. company to reach $1 trillion market cap. Very impressive! 🙌 And we all know who gets the credit. Well, of course the visionary Steve Jobs who renewed the company when he returned in 1997. When Jobs took over, Apple had money in the bank to keep the business going for 90 days. First thing he did was to reduce the products by 70%. With smaller product line, Apple was able to focus on innovation and quality. In 2001 we saw the first game changer: iPod. After that came iPhone, iPad and iTV, just to name few products loved by consumers. Saving Apple made Steve Jobs the messiah he is today, worshipped by millions of fans around the world.

Apple is not the first company to hit the $1 trillion valuation. There are some global (mainly oil) companies who have done it earlier (if valued in today’s dollars) for example PetroChina, Saudi Aramco and Standard Oil. Currently there are few U.S. companies to chase the magical $1 trillion marker.

Let’s take a look of the numbers from 2018:

Apple market cap. $926.9 bn (currently $1 tn) Amazon market cap. $777.8 bn (currently $902 bn) Google market cap. $766.4 bn (currently $739 bn) Microsoft market cap. $750.6 bn (currently $753 bn)

The order has remain mostly the same except this year Microsoft has passed Google in market valuation for the first time in three years. Facebook is far behind of the others with $541.5 bn valuation. We can clearly see from the most successful companies that the trend is in technology and more specifically in connectivity. Upcoming 5G technology will launch Internet of Things (IOT) into mainstream making it part of our everyday lives. And these are the companies that benefit of the faster and improved connectivity.

It will be interesting to follow will Apple hold the market leader position and how does the arrivals answer to the challenge. One thing is for sure, Ronald Wayne – who sold his 10% stake with only $800 – is not a happy man knowing he lost $80 bn on that day. 😆 Comment on Twitter what do you think all of this. How much “air” the Apple valuation has?

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