Welcome to Apple vs Google


Feb 3, 2018 by Perttu Talasniemi

Welcome to Apple vs Google Welcome to Apple vs Google

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Apple vs Google – Your last resort for tech news.



Hi, my name is Perttu and I have a decade of experience in design and development of web services and mobile applications. I have a keen interest in design and technology. This is my first blog and it focuses on tech topics with easy going attitude. If you're looking for serious tech news, this blog is not for you. But if you don't mind humoristic and a bit sarcastic approach, then this might be just for you. Many of the articles will be related to Apple and Google products and services but I'll also try to cover other topics... like off topics.

What's with the name?

Why Apple vs Google, you may ask? This blog focuses on these two rival companies and their fanatic fan base never ending battle. The name also refers to the ancient battle between Good and Evil or David and Goliath... or more like Bad and Evil or Giant and Goliath. Maybe we can finally settle which one is better and continue our daily lives. Meanwhile please send me topic suggestions on Twitter.


The views expressed in the blog are personal and do not represent the views of Apple Inc. or Google LLC. The blog is not to mean to cause any harm or inconvenience to the respected companies. The name Apple vs Google is meant as a tribute, not as an insult.

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